How to pack for a Tropical Summer Vacation

When packing for a tropical summer vacation you will need to take the climate of your destination into account. You will also need to consider the specific terrain and entertainment you expect to encounter. Tropical holidays in the sun can be tremendously exciting and enjoyable; provided you take the right measures to ensure you have all you need available to you.


Pack your passport, documentation regarding your hotel reservation and car rental if appropriate. It is important to keep receipts accessible, as well as the address and telephone number of the hotel or resort to which you will be going.

Research the area you will be visiting using guidebooks and websites so that you know what to expect when you arrive. You will also benefit from taking a map book with you too and a local phrasebook.


Tropical locations tend to be hot during the day and cool when the sun goes down. For this reason, you will need breathable, light clothing, which allows air to circulate around your body for daywear and a light jacket and sweater for the evening. Hours spent on the beach or investigating the local environment will be more comfortable if you select the right clothes to wear.

Pack as lightly as possible, but cover all eventualities. Beachwear and clothing suitable to walk in will be necessary. Therefore, a swimsuit, beach cover-up and a sarong, if you are a woman, will be needed along with shorts, a light pair of pants and several T-shirts.

Women may like to take a couple of sundresses and a wrap around skirt, while men are likely to benefit from packing a smart pair of linen pants and an evening shirt or polo shirt.

One of the most important accessories you need to take is a hat to shield your face from the sun, choose one with a wide brim that is cool and airy.

Holidays are a great time to dress up and make an effort, but remember that you will need to stay fresh and cool. Take a special vacation outfit with you to wear to restaurants, but avoid clothing made of restrictive material that may make you uncomfortable in the heat.


Flip-flops will come in handy to wear on the beach, while more supportive footwear will be more useful for trailing around local markets and places of interest. Sandals or shoes made of natural material like leather will be best. Only pack footwear you are used to wearing however, as the last thing you want to have to cope with on a tropical vacation are sore feet caused by new shoes that rub.

Take an extra pair of light shoes even if you don‘t expect to have to use them. This way, if a heel or strap breaks you have alternative footwear at your disposal.

Other essentials

Remember to take your credit card, cash and a suitable money belt. You will need a light, secure bag or backpack in which to place items you want to take with you if you go out for the day, a flashlight in case of a power outage and a universal sink plug, as so many hotels abroad do not supply a plug in hotel suites.

You may expect the hotel you have booked to supply towels, but still take your own with you. In addition, take mosquito repellent and a light mosquito net if you suffer badly from attacks by annoying insects abroad.

First aid

Before you go on vacation, or as soon as you arrive at your destination, find out where you will need to go and who to call if you have a medical emergency. Keep appropriate telephone numbers with you when you go on excursions.

You will require protective sunscreen, suitable for your particular skin type, and soothing cream, lotion or gel such as aloe vera. Remember to pack prescriptive medication, painkillers, band-aids, antibacterial gel or wipes, diarrhea tablets and a water bottle to take with you to make sure you stay hydrated.


You will probably want a camera with you, as well as a charger or spare batteries, a small music player such as an iPod, a video camera and an underwater camera if you intend to go diving.

Take all vital necessities, along with a few items of clothing that help give you confidence, and you will be fully prepared to enjoy a wonderful tropical vacation.

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