6 Must Haves For Travel This Summer

Summer means there is a lot of fun activities planned for you and your loved ones. Some of the plans include traveling together to visit relatives that may live out of state. You can either choose to fly there but it’s much cheaper to drive. If you’ve never accomplished a road trip before, there are a few needed items to make sure you bring along before you get to your destination. These essentials are put in place to make your trip more enjoyable and easier on you and your family.
  1. Snacks - I’m sure many of us have heard the famous phrase “I’m hungry” coming from the backseat of the car at least 5 minutes from pulling away from the house. To ensure that everyone feels full and satisfied, pack a variety of snacks everyone will enjoy. I’ll have various cut up fruits and vegetables in small baggies for the kids to pick up and open themselves as well as easy snacks such as fruit snacks, crackers and a few small sweets. To make sure that the snacks last a while, each kid is able to have one thing every hour or so. Of course we do stop for lunch to stretch our legs and keep our hunger to a minimum but as soon as we are back in the car, the “ I’m hungry “ seems to last a little longer than we’d like it too.
  2. Drinks - The same goes for drinks. I make sure that there is also a large variety of drinks for the kids and the rest of the family to enjoy. I keep it simple by bringing small water bottles, empty cups for them to fill what they need and easy to use juice boxes. My rule of thumb is to have everyone use the bathroom before they get into the car so it’s not an extra stop along the way the second we pull away from the gas station.
  3. Entertainment - If you have younger children, entertainment isn’t as necessary as when you have older ones. For younger kids, easy things such as a Tablet or a small DVD player to enjoy watching a few movies is a treat! As they get older, bring a few pads of paper, markers and coloring books for them to enjoy. There are also audio books the kids can listen to if they are prone to motion sickness and want to enjoy reading their favorite book but can’t stand reading in the car. Playing games such as “The License Plate” game where everyone has to find a license plate from a different state can be fun for everyone as well.
Image: Wellstar Medical Group

  1. Insurance Cards - Without the comforts of home, it can be miserable if someone comes down for a cold and you need to see a doctor. Having your insurance cards handy and accessible is extremely encouraged when you are traveling. Once, we needed to see an ENT for our son who had an awful ear infection. We found Wellstar Medical Group, ENT who were located in Roswell area in Georgia. They took amazing care of our little boy the second we walked in. From the friendly staff who greeted us and asked us questions to ensure he would get the proper care, to the doctor and nurses who explained, guided and was able to give us the correct medication and relief that our son needed, this was truly the place we needed to be at while traveling. Not only do they specialize in ear, nose and throat but they have a variety of services such as helping you with hearing aids, swallow studies, balancing, facial surgeries, head and neck injuries and more. Every doctor comes highly recommended including Dr. Camberly Coe. Dr. Coe graduated from Auburn University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Communication Disorders as well as her Master of Communication Disorders Degree in Audiology. Ms. Co provides comprehensive diagnostic adult and pediatric audiological evaluation including otoacoustic emissions and play audiometry. She is a member of the American Speech-Language-hearing Association as well as the American Academy of Audiology. She’s one of an amazing team of doctors who are not only comforting to have help you through some difficult moments in your life, but also listen, care and encourage you to feeling like yourself again, even when you’re not in the comfort of your own hometown.
  2. Chargers - There is nothing worse than forgetting your cell phone or tablet charger. Make sure that these are packed where you are able to get them quickly if items begin to have a low battery life. Believe me, those are meltdowns you don’t want to have!
  3. Trash Bags - For everyday messes with eating and drinking, having a small trash bag in your car is life changing. Make sure everyone is able to put their items in the trash bag and when you stop at your next rest stop or gas station, simply throw everything away easily and efficiently! It keeps your car clean too!
Of course there are many other essentials to help you have a successful road trip but I believe that these 6 items are critical for you and your family. Roads trips can be such a fun and memorable experience for everyone so make sure you are open minded, keep everyone as healthy and entertained as you possibly can and enjoy the quality time that you all need together.


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