5 Reasons you should disconnect from social media while traveling

To make your travelling experience a good one, disconnecting from social media is an essential factor.

Below are five reasons why you should disconnect from social media while travelling -

1)    Social Media can distract you and stop you from living the experience -

Saw a beautiful bird?
Click its photo before it flies away.
Post the photo on your Instagram account with a series of hashtags.
Read and reply to hundreds of comments telling you that it's a beautiful click.

Pretty cool!
But did you see that bird with your real eyes (and not through the lens of your phone/camera) even for a minimum of 5 seconds?
Probably not!

Due to our addiction to social media, we don't live that moment. We don't experience the beauty of different things around us. We click, edit and share the experience with others, without actually living it.

Thus, it would be better to disconnect from social media while travelling. Live and soak in all the experience you gain while travelling. Enjoy the moment fully without involving technology in it.

2) Disconnecting from social media can help you in making new real-life friends -

One of the primary benefits of travelling is meeting new people. Some of these people eventually end up becoming your friends for life.

But if you are engaged in various social media accounts, chances of your making new friends are very less.

Stop using social media while travelling. Instead, talk to real people travelling along with you. Or talk to the locals. You will end up learning a lot more through real-life conversations.

3) Disconnecting from social media can help you in developing new hobbies -

There must be a tiny number of those who still write down their travelling experience, instead of blogging about it or sharing it on social media.

If you disconnect from social media while travelling, you can develop new hobbies like writing down about your various journeys in a journal, sketching the beautiful landscapes you witness while travelling or just sitting quietly and experiencing the natural beauty around you!

4) Social Media detox while travelling can bring you closer to your friends and family members -

Is not social media meant for bringing us closer to our friends?

See, instead of telling your friends about your travel experiences through your social media posts, pick up your phone, dial your best friend’s number and tell him/her about your current location, what you are doing, what all places you plan to visit etc.

Even a short talk of a few minutes would be more engaging and real than 20 social media posts.

5) Appreciate the people and things around you -

When you are regularly checking our social media accounts, you are unable to pay attention to things happening around you.

If you disconnect from social media while travelling, you would be able to pay more attention to the things around you.

This would make your travel experience more enriching.

No wonder, social media has its benefits. But social media detox while travelling is a good thought to ponder on. If you are a regular traveller, then do try a no social media trip soon!

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