Why Your Next Dream Home Should Be In Atlanta

If you are thinking about relocating to a new city, Atlanta might be just the place to settle
down. People that have lived their entire lives in Atlanta boast about how perfect this
city is. It has a great nightlife, the history is interesting and there are some successful
local sports teams to cheer on throughout the year. There are a lot of questions that you
probably need answered before you make a final decision. Let’s take a look at why so
many residents love Atlanta so much.
A Rich History
As the capital of Georgia, Atlanta is part of Fulton County. A small portion is situated in
DeKalb County. Founded in 1937, Atlanta actually burned to the ground in the Civil War.
Adding to its history, this city was a focal point for the Civil Rights Movement. There are
many different museums and monuments you can visit.
Atlanta has a very rich and diverse culture. It has the third highest LGBT population per
capita. The film scenes and music that is created in this city are impressive to say the
least. People all over the world have made Atlanta their home. This is a judgement free
zone where people have the freedom to be their authentic selves.
A number of very successful companies are headquartered in Atlanta. This includes,
Delta Airlines, Home Depot, CNN’s studio headquarters and UPS. The Coca Cola
Company got their start in Atlanta. They still employ around 9,000 people in Georgia.
Atlanta ranks number six on the list of best cities to find a job. Because of the diversity
of Atlanta, there are many different fields of work that you can apply for.
Cost of Living
Once you get over the investment of relocating, Atlanta is a very affordable place to live.
It is actually two percent lower than the national average. Whether you want to rent or
buy, you’ll be able to find nice housing in a very safe area. This is a great place to start
a family and raise kids.
Aside from typical clubs and bars, Atlanta has a very rich nightlife that focuses on
comedy clubs, dance clubs, musical performances and more. A number of music
venues are popular spots to be on the weekends. This includes the Fox Theatre, The
Tabernacle, Eddie’s Attic and The Masquerade. Bars aren’t what you would normally
see in another U.S. city. Atlanta has speakeasies, retro arcade bars and more.
You don’t want to be overwhelmed if you are thinking about relocating. The move
should feel like it is coming naturally. If you have weighed your options and made the
decision to move to Atlanta, your next step is to plan the big move. You will need to
pack of all your items and have them moved from your old location to your new home in
Atlanta. Hiring a professional mover can help make the trip much easier on you. 
Contact Suddath today for more information. 

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