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  1. Are there standard blades (7.25") or does it have an obscure size (8") saw blade? Does it use an off the shelf or proprietary saw?   Did you know that a replacement of an ‘off the shelf saw’ is actually cheaper and faster than ordering a proprietary saw from a manufacturer?
  2. What does A Saw Trax Vertical Panel Saw do? It’s the only vertical panel saw that uses a sealed steel bearings giving a more smoother, easier, reliable and above all, accurate cut. Other vertical panel saw manufacturers sometimes use plastic bearings that are attached to a U-bolt but are not sealed bearings.
Image: Saw Trax
3.                     How Many Series Do They Offer? At a company located in Kennesaw, Georgia called Saw Trax Manufacturing, they have 3 “series” of panel saws that use 3 different saws to custom fit the proper saw to the cutting needs of their customers. By using off-the-shelf saws, customers do not have to pay a premium price for saw replacement or repair. It also helps to prevent suffering long down times waiting for the proprietary saw of the other brands to arrive.
4.                     What Type of Frames Are there? They offer 7 sizes of welded steel frames with a powder coated finish. There are two compact, 5 foot wide, frames for 52" And 64" Cross cuts. The five full size (10 ft. wide) frames for 52”  64″, 76″ 88″ and 100″ cross cuts.  All the machines can rip cut in either direction, the narrow dimension (side) of your material determines the cross cut size you need.  For instance, if the widest sheet you are cutting is a 48″ by 96″ (4′ by 8′) sheet, you would need the 52″ cross cut machine.  The wider 10 ft. machines provide better material support for all phases of cutting.  Optional Builders Extensions can be added to the Compact frames giving it 10 ft. of support after the purchase.  These extensions can also be added to the Full Size frames for 10 ft. or 12 ft. wide materials. This is a really important thing to keep in mind.
5.                     How does the Saw Trax Panel have such superior accuracy? Great question to ask! The first is their indexed alignment system that locks the guide tubes to the frame of the saw, which is called the Accu-Square. There are adjustments that can be made in 1/32” increments on the guide tubes and once its position, the index is locked in place with a screw. Other panel saws are adjusted with a dead blow mallet or whacking the machine! This makes it so much easier to do. Another reason is the rollers are always aligned and square to their guide tubes. Competing saws have adjustable inner material roller wheels on a cam hub. These need to be aligned with the two outside fixed material rollers and the issue with this is that you are supposed to have them off their stand, lay the machine on a table and use a 10 ft. straight edge to align the rollers. (By the way, no one makes a ten foot straight edge.)

What is the best reason to purchase a vertical panel saw? Vertical panel saws make cutting sheet goods faster, easier and safer while taking up less floor space.

The people at Saw Trax Manufacturing are trustworthy, hardworking and able to help answer any questions you have, concerns and share your excitement in using this amazing product. They offer several solutions to their customer and specialize in hand cutting tools, table top cutting tools, saw kits to their popular product, vertical panel saws and more! Their versatility of using different cutting heads instead of the saw (router, pivoting knife, rolling shear, glass cutter) is the key to what makes them extremely successful. They understand that time is money and a goal they have to make your cutting jobs easier and more productive is by listening and taking the time to share in your perspective on ‘what if they were purchasing this product’. Their superior customer service and friendly staff is extremely knowledgeable and how machines operate and perform when working with you.


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