5+ Hacks to Surviving Long Flights

If the idea of having yourself constricted to a narrow seat for 12 hours straight, fighting restlessness, dehydration and lack of sleep seem like a big task (which it is), here’s something to help you deal with all of that on a lighter note.
Read on to discover more than 5 super actionable tips and tricks to survive those treacherous hours a bit more easily.

Take your Own Snacks
Long haul flights mean you’ll get fed, but don’t let that stop you from carrying your own snacks- preferably healthy ones. Pick up energy bars, dried fruits and nuts to munch on while you’re waiting for the rattle of the food trolley. Make sure you choose snacks that give you that slow release of energy to prevent those bouts of hunger when you’re up in the air.

Get Gear-Wise
When you’re boarding a long haul flight, make sure you’re all set with the necessary gear. Everything from an eye mask, ear plugs and a neck pillow to your iPad, Kindle or a couple of good books are an absolute must. Make sure you don’t go overboard though- keep your carry on luggage to a minimal as much as you can- you will thank yourself for it.

Slip into Comfy Clothes
When picking the outfit you’ll be traveling in, make comfort your priority. Choose an outfit that you’ll feel comfortable while spending hours and hours on a plane. Remember to layer yourself as well- things can get chilly when you’re up. Closed toed shoes, a nice comfy t-shirt, sweatpants or comfortable jeans and a light jacket should do the trick.

Stay Hydrated
This one’s a biggie that a good number of us tend to ignore. Make sure you stay hydrated during the flight, and avoid tea, coffee and alcohol as much as you can. If you’re prone to dry skin, carrying a tube of moisturizer may be a good idea- your skin needs all the care too.

Stretch & Move
You’ll be surprised at how much this little tip can help you! Keep the circulation in your legs flowing by stretching for a bit every now and then, and moving around in the plane if you can. You’ll definitely be at a much reduced risk of developing deep vein thrombosis from all that constant sitting, and you’ll also end up feeling more active once you’re off the plane.

Consider a Sleep Aid
Getting rest when on a flight is big for most people, and if you’re one of those, consider getting a sleep aid. Remember that the efficacy of different sleep aids vary from individual to individual, so even if you’re planning to take one, make sure you have your doctor’s advice about it, and give it a go a couple of times before your actual flight to see how it works for you.



  1. Great tips! I always bring my own snacks, and usually a back up meal! I've had a time or two where they somehow ran out of my prereserved meals, and I couldn't eat anything they had available. Those were miserable flights!

  2. I actually wish this was around when I took my first long flight from portland oregon to NYC. That was the worse flight ever and it's from all of the above...lol

  3. Comfy clothes ... a definite must! I found that aside from super comfy headphones, almost all long flights have in seat entertainment systems, so bringing my own tech is a waste.

  4. Some great ideas here, thanks!

  5. Thanks for the info long flights can be a pain .

  6. Last time I was in Georgia was for the Summer Olympics - it was lovely

  7. Comfy clothes and extra snacks are key!

  8. All great tips but will pass on the sleep aid~

  9. I need all the advice I can get like this because I have anxiety and 3 kids with me and a husband that might as well be a child.


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